Presented by the Student Diversity Board


The purpose of the Diverse Students’ Leadership Conference is to enrich each participant's perspective of the adversities and benefits within diverse academic, social and professional settings. 


The founders of DSLC envisioned this conference as a way to bring students, community leaders, scholars, and representatives from corporate America together. The goal was to create a forum for examining the positive impact diversity provides to all types of settings. Social injustices may always be present, but it is up to each of us to educate ourselves and to then take action towards changing the world for the better.

Student Diversity Board Mission

Our Board’s purpose is to unite the Saint Mary’s College community in celebration of the cultural diversity of every woman on campus. SDB helps foster awareness of and respect for the cultures, history, traditions, and religions of multicultural and international students at Saint Mary’s College. We aim to achieve our Board’s purposes through various events and activities on the Saint Mary’s College campus such as the Diverse Students' Leadership Conference.


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