What is the Belles Connect Program?

The program assists new traditionally first generation, underrepresented, home schooled and degree seeking undergraduate international students in transitioning and acclimating to Saint Mary’s College while immersed in a meaningful sense of community through graduation. Fostering student growth and adjustment to Saint Mary’s College, the Belles Connect Program offers participants academic and social support, leadership development, meaningful activities, and mentoring. 

How will the program benefit me?

Transitioning to college is sometimes challenging and may result in a more difficult first year experience for a student, The Belles Connect Program helps you connect to resources, services, and individuals that will help you succeed at Saint Mary's College.  

Is the Belles Connect Program for me?

If you have decided to attend Saint Mary's College and are a traditional  first generation, underrepresented, home schooled or  degree seeking undergraduate international student than this program is for you.