Meeting Notes


November 15th

Start posting fundraisers to the gala Facebook page

•List of things to accomplish a better community on campus

◦Inclusivity training mandatory for faculty and staff by trained third party

◦Students approach professors about using inclusive language

◦Sophia Program- in class discussions led by a trained professional and have students talk as well

◦Welcome Week Orientation- Class wide lecture and discussion on inclusive and affirming language

-Students that go through training 

•Dinner in Spring Semester

•Ask me your pronoun buttons

•Go to talk on Thursday to talk to President Cervelli 

•We heard that the division for mission had a big role in building community and what it’s like. 



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  • On Campus Resources

      Here are some resources that you can find on campus. Whether you simply need to talk to someone, or you wish to report a hate crime, these resources will be very helpful.

      Office of Multicultural Services

    • Student Center 214
    • Director of Multicultural Services
    • Gloria Jenkins
    • 574-284-4861

      For Counseling

    • Saint Mary's Counseling Center
    • 574-284-4805
    • For Reporting

    • Deputy Title IX Coordinator
    • Gloria Jenkins, Director of Student Involvement & Multicultural Services
    • 574-284-4861

      Off Campus Resources