Student Staff

Student Managers

We have 6 student managers.  They can be found in the SIMS office suite 214 during the evenings from 7-11.  They have to ability to answer any of your questions along with having access to the meeting spaces in the Student Center.  Each also has specific duties and responsibilities. 


Office Assistants

These students work in either of our two office suites which can be found on the second floor of the Student Center (214 or 244).  They can also answer your questions: events, basic office questions, questions about the Belle Tower and forms needed for different events.


Atrium Desk Attendants

These students can be found at the atrium desk in the Student Center.  They can answer your questions about current and upcoming events along with basic information about the operation of the SIMS office.


If you would like to be a SIMS student worker please contact Graci Martsching.